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How To Apply For an OCI Card.

The complete method for applying for the OCI Card is mentioned on most government. The prices vary on where you reside. If you are a PIO card holder and would like to obtain an OCI card, the prices are much lower.

Requirements For Obtaining an OCI card.

There are requirements that have to be met before you are handed an OCI card. Below, most of these requirements are mentioned...

All documents provided need to be Self-Attested.

Each Person needs to submit two copies of their

application. (Including Photos)

You will need to provide a copy of your Passport.

You will need to provide your parent's name proof.

You will need to be lawfully eligible to become a citizen

of India. (A copy of your passport will suffice for this.)

If your family is of Indian Origin, then you will need to

provide proof that they are in fact your family.

PIO Card Holders will need to provide PIO cards.

You will need to fill up both Part A of the application

as well as part B.

The same requirements exist for Minors as well.

Filling the Form?


Instructions For Filling the OCI form.

Below are some instructions to help you fill the OCI Card form.
1. You need to use Block letter when filling the form.
2. There should be NO signature in the case of a Minor.
  (Only a thumb impression is accepted.)
3. Photo requirements are very important. Pay close
  attention to the photo requirements.
4. Part A of the application should be filled in online,
  while part B can be hand written with box letters.

Again, make sure all documents are Self-Attested.

6. Contact us with any more questions.

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